Шоу-мультитурнир "Золотой Тигр-III"


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Ekaterinburg Hotels

Dear sirs!

The festival organising committee is glad to bring to your attention of the official partner of Multitournament: Marins Park Hotel!


Thanks to mutually advantageous partnership, the Congress hotel gives numbers for sportsmen and visitors of festival makes from 55 EURO for a place.


Booking is made to the address: repnitsyn@mail.ru. In the demand it is necessary to specify: a surname, a name, a patronymic, a full date of birth, and also dates on what it is necessary for you to reserve rooms.

Booking is carried out till September, 05st, 2012.

The hotel has the largest number fund among all hotels of Ekaterinburg with a wide choice of numbers of all categories. The hotel Sverdlovsk perfectly approaches for the businessmen sent and having a rest tourists. At your service one- and double rooms, and also numbers the Junior suite and Lux. All numbers are equipped by all necessary for rest: phone, the TV, a refrigerator, a bathroom with all hygienic accessories. A breakfast in hotel Ekaterinburg Sverdlovsk - it is free.


Under the relation of the price and quality of given services - hotel of Ekaterinburg Sverdlovsk occupies a leading place among all hotels of a city.


On hotel Sverdlovsk ground floor there are the best restaurants of a city, and also popular places for evening rest: the Coffee house №7 and restaurant of a Japanese cuisine of Tanuki. Among our visitors services of our apartments «Mon Pleasure» use a great demand: the Finnish steam room with an aromatherapy, the VIP a cabin of a jacuzzi effect of a sauna (t to 40с), steam giving, massage by a foot, NTV and a karaoke, rooms of rest and delivery of snack and drinks, - in a word all that is necessary, that completely will relax after difficult negotiations or the intense working day.


Ekaterinburg - a city and to reach from one place another not so is simple. The hotel of Ekaterinburg Sverdlovsk is located near to all traffic intersections of a city, has convenient entrances and the big parking for motor transport, therefore you easily can will go to any part of Ekaterinburg directly from hotel.


In Ekaterinburg almost all hotels and hotels do not give such wide spectrum of additional services, as hotel of Ekaterinburg Sverdlovsk – among additional services: the Internet, the copier, a fax, information services, sale of avia tickets, legal services, excursion service, hairdresser's services, manicure and pedicure services and many other things. Our personnel waits for you on a visit!


In hotel of Ekaterinburg Sverdlovsk there is a possibility of settlement of visitors with animals.


How to reach from hotel the Yekaterinburg Expo:

Free Shuttle bus.

Time in a way: 40 minutes.
Fare in transport:

Taxi AvtoLajn (cheapest) - From g-tsy Sverdlovsk to the Yekaterinburg Expo about 8 EURO. Ph.: 7-343-3-450-450. The Waiting time: till 30-40 minutes.